The province of Salta, located in the north of Argentina, is a fascinating tourist destination and one of the most prosperous regions for the development of the lithium industry in the region. That's why it was chosen as the official venue for the twelfth edition of the "International Seminar: Lithium in South America", organized by Panorama Minero.

In addition to the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the lithium industry, attendees can take advantage of the chance to explore the wonders of the region and discover all the attractions that Salta has to offer. The province of Salta is known for its unique landscapes, such as the stunning Quebrada de Cafayate and the Puna, where the majestic Arita Cone is located, and is home to some of the best wines in Argentina. It also has exquisite gastronomy and traditional dishes such as "empanadas salteñas", "humita" and "locro", proposals that leave a lasting impression on the palate of every tourist.

Another popular attraction in the province is the famous Train to the Clouds, a unique experience that crosses mountain and valley landscapes at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. The journey starts first by vehicle from the city of Salta and travels through different towns and stunning landscapes until it reaches the La Polvorilla viaduct, an impressive metal structure that is located at 4,200 meters above sea level.

Take advantage of your participation in Lithium in South America 2023 and get to know one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Argentina!

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